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FEM.ALE Festival in Norwich and Brighton

30 Apr

Returning to Norwich 26th – 29th May 2017, and in Brighton 5th-7th May, FEM.ALE Festival continues its manifesto to celebrate women in the brewing industry. This year builds on the remarkable success of FEM.ALE going national in both location and profile.
Sourcing an extensively rich collection of ales, lagers, stouts, porters, and saisons from female-led breweries across the UK and beyond, FEM.ALE is gearing up for its fourth year in Norwich to showcase four days of brewster beers on tap for all to enjoy. Prominently featured is the Unite Local Ale. Brewed on International Women’s Day, the Unite Local Ale is the result of 70 breweries around the world – including the FEM.ALE team – working together on International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day to make a unique ale.
Punters can also be sure to expect more limited commissioned brews created by expert beer technologists. Notably, FEM.ALE 2016’s exclusive earl grey infused Grrrl Grey by Woodforde’s Belinda Jennings is now in ongoing production and can be found on tap all year-round.
Surprisingly, FEM.ALE is the first dedicated brewster festival in the U.K providing a platform to celebrate women in the beer industry, “Women are still being left out of the conversation. Despite all the successes – the vibrant networks of brewsters, the collaborations, the dialogues reinventing stereotypical narratives, the revival of a forgotten history of women in brewing – we still know that we’ll run into all sorts of negative, oversimplified images of women from brewers and trade institutions alike who are abhorrently leaving women out of the discussion. And that’s why FEM.ALE must exist, to bring women to the forefront of that conversation. When they’re not too busy making outstanding beer, of course” said Erica Horton, FEM.ALE Director.

FEM.ALE’s platform has resonated further across the U.K, so much so that the festival is an annual fixture in Brighton’s Marlborough Pub and Theatre, and returns for its second year. Erica added, “People have been travelling from far and wide to be part of the movement. Taking the show on the road to Brighton last year was a gamble, but one that paid off. It was an incredible buzz to see FEM.ALE in full force in another city, far away from my own

FEM.ALE Brighton

Marlborough Pub and Theatre. 4 Prince’s Street, Brighton 5th- 7th May

FEM.ALE Norwich

The Plasterers Arms. 43 Cowgate, Norwich 26th – 29th May

FRIDAY 26 MAY, 8 pm

DJs spinning femme anthems to soundtrack a huge range of deliciousness available at the bar.


Chaired by Erica Horton,  academics from UEA, Bournemouth and Leicester share their research on craft work, histories of beer and how the industry is working today to diversify its work force:

Sam Goodman joins us to discuss his research on beer and colonialism and the ways in which discourses of British entrepreneurship and Empire still appear in craft beer branding today.

Helen Warner shares her research into gender and craft work and questions why, when women are increasingly moving into ‘craft’ industries and self employment, microbrewing and the rise of the craft beer industry has seen a continued male gendered identity.

Chris Land and Scott Taylor will present some of their work on the craft beer industry and the ways in which discourses around gender in advertising and in the industry itself creates disparity in the labour force. They’ve interviewed all sorts of people working in beer – including us!

As well as sharing academic research, we welcome all our local beer experts and brewers to take part in an interactive Q&A, where you can explore our speakers’ thoughts further, and make your own voices heard in the conversation using your own experiences of beer and pub culture.

8pm. After all the book smarts and conversation we get live with femme fronted bands from Norfolk and beyond.

2PM: Join us for the launch of a one off beer brewed by Belinda from Woodfordes Brewery and Tracy from the People’s Brewery. Have a chat with the brewers and get a taste of a unique brew from two women at the forefront of Norfolk brewing.

4-7pm: Music from the brilliant Late Nights Early Mornings with more acts to be announced.

8pm: FEM.ALE Film Club on Sunday.


Get your brain juices flowing and finish off the weekend with the FEM.ALE Pub Quiz, raising more funds for the 4women centre based in Norwich.


Women brewers craft anti-Trump beer to protest the inauguration

31 Dec



A group of women brewers in Colorado have brewed an ‘anti-Trump’ beer as a protest at his inauguration.


Sixth annual Beer & Breakfast tasting a success for Dea Latis

3 Dec



Beer and women forum Dea Latis ran its popular annual ‘Beers with Breakfast’ tasting, this year held at Kings Stores, a Greene King pub near Spitalfields Market in London.

Guests, including brewers, journalists, marketeers and enjoyed a five course breakfast, with each dish matched to a different beer. The beer and breakfast matches were:

  • Granola with yoghurt and fruit

Fourpure Oatmeal Stout

  • Avocado and bacon on sourdough

With Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA


  • Chorizo bubble & squeak

With Lagunitas IPA


  • Vegetarian sausage

With Hogs Back Brewery A over T

  • French toast with fruit

With Liefmans Kriek Brut


Mark Sljukic from Lagunitas

Ros Shiel from Dea Latis said, “Beer & Breakfast is always our most popular event of the year. It’s a great way of bringing together the latest tastes in two fast-changing sectors: who’d have thought that avocado would become a staple ingredient of so many breakfast menus, or that we would have around 1,700 brewers in the UK?

“Our tastings are about trying new beers, exploring beer and food pairing possibilities and enjoying the company of other beer-loving women.  We’re grateful to all the brewers who donated beers and their time to talk to our guests.”

The event was the sixth pre-Christmas Beers with Breakfast tasting from Dea Latis, who have also paired beers with cheese, chocolate and tapas.  For more information about Dea Latis go to: or follow them on Twitter @DeaLatis or like them on Facebook at /DeaLatis.




The original stouts were brewed in London and we wanted to make a beer style with so much heritage in our home city. Fourpure’s Oatmeal Stout is full-bodied and creamy with a rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavour.


A modern, balanced, hop-forward IPA that’s late hopped with Cascade and Hersbrucker to give a nose-full of citrus grapefruit hops. This aroma develops into a mouth-watering juiciness and finishes with a refreshingly bitter bite, while 100% Scottish barley malt in the mash gives a big, satisfying, full-bodied beer.

  • Appearance: Copper and sparkling
  • Aroma: Grapefruit zest and gooseberry
  • Flavour: Bold, bitter and juicy


This homicidally hopped version of the classic style, this is Lagunitas’ flagship beer. It has a huge hop character, but enough malty itchiness to keep things insane, flavorous, and drinkable. Kind of like a pale ale on steroids.





Brewed in small batches and matured in the brewery cellar, like a fine wine. Made from high quality English malted barley, Kent Goldings hops are added for bitterness and aroma and Bramling Cross to further enhance the character, resulting in deep, rich and complex flavours of sultanas, orange peel and plums. Enjoy as you would a fortified wine, in a wine glass or a brandy balloon, to concentrate its wonderful aroma.


Belgian Cherry beer, Brewed only once a year in July. After brewing, freshly harvested and carefully selected morello cherries are blended in and the young beer is cellared at the brewery. After a slow maturation of 18 months to 3 years, different vintages are carefully tasted and blended to create Kriek Brut.  Brewed by the first Belgian female head brewer, ripened for at least a year and a half and brewed by the master blenders of Liefmans

Liefmans Kriek Brut has a warm, deep red colour, and delicious red fruit aromas come to the fore when pouring the beer. A tiny bit of marzipan blends with the aroma of warm cherries. Implicit in its flavour you will also immediately taste a palatable acidity that gives way to a sweet aftertaste.
The deep sour cherry notes make this Ideal with game such as Duck and venison. Duck or chicken liver pates are great with this beer and turkey takes the flavours very well. Bitter chocolate puddings are the other huge food pairing that this beer lends itself very well to.

Dea Latis comes to Scotland: beer & food tasting in Edinburgh

7 Sep


Calling all beer-loving women in Scotland!

Dea Latis, the forum for women who enjoy beer, is popping up in Scotland later this month.  We’ve hosted many a jolly beer tasting in London, as well as other English cities, but this is our first time North of the Border and we’re hoping Scotland’s beer lovers will come along to celebrate with us.

Date:               Wednesday, 28 September

Time:              6.30 – 9.00 pm

Venue:            Caledonian Brewery, 42 Slateford Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1PH

We’ll be working our way through a selection of Scotland’s finest beers, including brews from: Caledonian Brewery, Innis & Gunn, Edinburgh Beer Factory and Stewart Brewing, matched to an equally impressive spread of Scottish fare. Experts will be on hand to tell us about their beers, so by the end of the evening you’ll have not only discovered some new beers, but hopefully learned something about our national drink, as well as meeting other beer-loving women in a sociable setting.

Tickets to join us for our Scottish debut, including at least five beers with matching food and expert tuition, cost £20.

Click on our Eventbrite page here to purchase tickets.

Birmingham Beer Bash – tickets still available for our Brewsters’ Brunch

29 Jun


Tickets are still available for the Dea Latis Brewsters’ Brunch, taking part on Saturday 23 July as part of the Birmingham Beer Bash.

Michelle Kelsall from Offbeat Brewery in Cheshire, Gwen Sanchirico a native New Yorker now brewing at Sacre Brew in Wolverhampton and Sarah John from Swansea’s Boss Brewing will be providing beers and sharing their experiences as women in the male dominated brewing industry.

Hosted by one of the UK’s first female beer sommeliers and one of the Dea Latis founding members, Annabel Smith, the Brewsters’ Brunch is not a women-only event but the aim is to encourage women to go along from 10am to midday to enjoy the tasting of six beers brewed by women. The accompanying brunch will be provided by Peel & Stone, Birmingham’s top independent bakery based in the Jewellery Quarter.

The beers being sampled have been confirmed as:

  • Offbeat Brewery’s Steampunk’d Amarillo IPA
  • Offbeat Brewery’s Unhinged Ginger
  • Boss Brewery’s  Black (stout)
  • Boss Brewery’s  Brave (an American IPA)
  • Sacre Brew’s  Sirenia (a Lemongrass Wheat beer)
  • Sacre Brew’s Man On The Oss (a Rye Saison)


For a preview of the Birmingham Beer Bash,  read this article in the Birmingham Mail.

To buy tickets, go to Eventbrite:



Ten brilliant beers by Liz Dodd in The Guardian

13 Jun

Festival beers article_Guardian_June 2016

Just as the food, drink and music festival season arrives, here’s a guide to ten beers to take along by beer writer and Dea Latis supporter Liz Dodd (who kindly mentions us too).

Ten brilliant beers article – The Guardian, 1st June 2016

Liz writes about beer, travel, and ideally beer and travel and for The Guardian, The Independent, Independent on Sunday and the i. She also writes a regular blog called It Comes in Pints.

Women to sample brewsters’ beer with brunch

9 Jun

Organisers of the Midlands’ biggest keg beer festival have collaborated with the women and beer group, Dea Latis, to run a special Brewsters’ Brunch, taking place at this year’s Birmingham Beer Bash on Saturday 23rd July 2016 .


The fringe event is dedicated to celebrating women in the brewing industry with tastings from three of Britain’s top female brewers or ‘brewsters’.

Michelle Kelsall from Offbeat Brewery in Cheshire, Gwen Sanchirico a native New Yorker now brewing at Sacre Brew in Wolverhampton and Sarah John from Swansea’s Boss Brewing will be providing beers and sharing their experiences as women in the male dominated brewing industry.

Hosted by one of the UK’s first female beer sommeliers and one of the Dea Latis founding members, Annabel Smith, the Brewsters’ Brunch is not a women-only event but the aim is to encourage women to go along from 10am to midday to enjoy the tasting of six beers brewed by women. The accompanying brunch will be provided by Peel & Stone, Birmingham’s top independent bakery based in the Jewellery Quarter.

Annabel said: “We’re extremely excited to be a part of this year’s Birmingham Beer Bash. We set up Dea Latis in 2010 as a group of women united by our love for beer and the belief that it is too good to be enjoyed only by men and run events like this around the UK.

“Having worked in the beer industry for over 20 years, I have seen a huge shift in women’s attitudes to beer. Thanks to the recent craft beer revolution there is much more information out there about styles of beer and great choice of ales. I think women feel more confident to ask about beers at the bar.”

Dea Latis recently conducted a survey of 600 beer drinkers which confirmed that more women are now regularly incorporating beer in to their repertoire.

David Shipman, founder and organiser of Birmingham Beer Bash added: “It’s always been part of our stated aims that we want to help bring more of the best beer experiences to Birmingham. Working with Dea Latis to celebrate women in brewing does exactly that.

“Beer Bash is a great opportunity for men and women alike to try different styles, talk to brewers and enjoy some of the great beers from around the country. We hope that this fringe event will show what brilliant female brewing talent we have in the industry.”

Tickets, available from Eventbrite and the main event website, cost £22.50 and include a flight of six beers and brunch as well as admission to the popular Saturday daytime of the Birmingham Beer Bash.

Tasting notes and sampling top beer and women survey

20 May

Women & Beer Survey 2016

Beer and women forum Dea Latis has unveiled the findings of a new survey into the relationship between women and our national drink. The results were delivered to an audience at the new Brewing Equipment & Technology exhibition at the NEC.

The online survey, which received 600 responses, asked for respondents’ perceptions about women’s consumption of beer and what would make them more likely to buy beer in the on and off trade.  Both men and women completed the survey.

The majority (73%) of respondents felt that brewers’ approach to women had improved over the last 10 years, but that there was ‘still a way to go’. A similar number (74%) think that more women are now more likely to include beer within their drinks repertoire, while 17% believe more women are choosing it as their main drink.  On both questions, responses from men were slightly more optimistic than from women.

Asked to rank a number of techniques to encourage more women to drink beer, respondents gave their highest score to beer lists and taste descriptions, in both on and off trade (33%).  Offering free samples of beer was also viewed as effective across pubs and supermarkets (27%), while there was also support for a wider selection of beers in the off trade (31%).

Staff recommendation was a strong ‘middle’ choice for many respondents (21% voted it 2nd and 3rd most important), indicating a need to equip bar and store staff with beer knowledge.  Beer and food matching received a similar rating (25% of respondents put it in 3rd place), though women felt it would be more effective than men.

A wider selection of beer glassware was seen as only moderately motivating, while providing more information on beers calorie content or health benefits received low scores from both sexes, across on and off trade.

Ros Shiel of Dea Latis, said “We’re delighted that 600 people took the time to complete our survey, a response that we think makes our findings relatively robust.  We weren’t surprised that tasting notes and sampling scored highly, but would have expected a higher ranking for beer and food matching.

“Factors such as glassware shouldn’t be considered as unimportant though – just that these respondents rated them as less effective than others in persuading women to try beer.”

Dea Latis – named after the Celtic goddess of beer – was launched in 2010 as a forum where women working in breweries, pubs or related jobs could share insights and experience.

The group now holds a number of beer and food tastings during the year and regularly communicates with around 260 women including brewers, licensees, quality managers, trainers, writers, bloggers and a growing number of interested beer drinkers.

The next Dea Latis event will be a Brewsters Brunch at the Birmingham Beer Bash, taking place on Saturday 23 July from 10 – 11.00 am.


Cathy Price named Beer Drinker of the Year

19 May

16 Beer Drinker of the Year

Cathy Price has been named as the “Beer Drinker of the Year” by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group Chairman, Andrew Griffiths, MP for Burton on Trent.  The presentation was made at the Beer Group’s Annual Awards Dinner in Westminster which attracted over 200 MPs, Peers and senior industry figures.

Presenting the award Andrew said “In 2011, when Cathy learned that the Red Lion is the most popular pub name in the country, she set herself the challenge of visiting every single one of them.   This was no small task as there are 656 of them spread across the length and breadth of the country; from Penzance in Cornwall to Fochabers by the River Spey in the North of Scotland.”

“She completed her challenge last September and used every opportunity during her quest to highlight the pivotal role that pubs play in our communities; in interviews with newspapers, radio and TV.  She has published a book, the Red Lioness*, describing the pubs she visited in vivid detail.”

“Cathy enjoyed a half-pint in every Red Lion that she visited which by my calculation adds up to 328 pints of beer, making her perfectly qualified to be our Beer Drinker of the Year.”

Photo shows Cathy Price receiving the 2016 Beer Drinker of the Year award from Andrew Griffiths MP, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group.

Cathy’s book, *The Red Lioness: One Woman. Four Years. 90,000 Miles. 650 Plus Pubs (2015) is available from Amazon and CAMRA £10.99.

Women & Beer Survey 2016

3 May

Women & Beer Survey 2016

Please can you spare less than five minutes to take part in a women and beer survey to help us conduct some research?

We want your opinion on whether attitudes by women towards drinking beer have changed over the last decade.

We would be delighted if you could share the survey link with any other friends who you think might be interested in taking part and we are very happy if you want to share the survey on social media. When the feedback is collated we will share the results with you.
If you could complete the survey by Wednesday 11th May we would be most grateful. Please click through here – Dea Latis Women & Beer Survey 2016

If you have any other views, strong opinions or even your own research that you would like to add please drop a separate email to us here.

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