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Dea Diets has arrived!

Brush away those January blues by taking part in Dea Diets! January can be bad enough without the dreaded ‘D’ word (detox, diet, depressing….you choose!) so here at Dea Latis, we have vowed to attempt to shift those extra Christmas pounds by not giving up alcohol completely, but by swapping wine for beer! Did you know, a 175ml glass of white wine at 12% abv contains 131 calories whereas a half pint of standard beer at 3.8% abv contains only 85 calories. Beer has a lower alcohol by volume – typically between 4-5% ABV – compared to wine, at between 12-14% ABV. So let us know if you’re joining in by commenting on this post below. And if you are, keep a note of your weight now, and let us know how much you’ve lost! For more information, click here:

Are you up for the challenge? Swap wine for beer this January!

A group of female beer fans have vowed to switch from wine to beer during January as a way of cutting back on alcohol intake and shifting the extra pounds from Christmas. In their bid to show women everywhere that beer is not as calorific as wine, members of the Dea Latis women and beer group plan to swap their glasses of wine for a glass of beer. They aim to dispel the widely-held views that beer is calorific, gassy and gives drinkers a ‘beer belly’. Dea Latis member Annabel Smith said, “For many women, beer’s supposedly high calorie content is the main reason why they don’t drink it. In fact, beer is lower in alcohol content and therefore in calories, than wine – so for anyone who wants to reduce their alcohol content during January, but can’t face complete abstinence, beer’s a great option.” A 175ml glass of white wine at 12% abv contains 131 calories whereas a half pint of standard beer at 3.8% abv contains only 85 calories. Beer has a lower …

Invent a beer recipe – and you could get the chance to brew it!

Dea Latis members Jane Peyton, Principle at the School of Booze and Brewster’s Brewery head brewer, Sara Barton, have launched a brand new competition to inspire more women to drink beer by encouraging them to come up with their very own recipe! If your entry wins you will have chance to brew it at Brewster’s Brewery alongside Sara Barton.  And it may even go on sale through Brewster’s outlets. And to make this competition even tastier, they are asking entrants to take inspiration from Britain’s leading producer of Fairtrade chocolate, Divine and devise a recipe inspired by one of their brands. You may also win a stash of Divine’s delicious chocolate. If you have never tried beer and chocolate together then now’s the time – it’s amazing! Unfortunately there are lots of myths about beer which often put women off drinking it – such as that beer will make you fat. Click here so we can dispel some of those fables. Not only is beer delicious, convivial and fun, but consumed moderately it has myriad health benefits too!  Want …

Project Venus Reloaded

A beer brewed for women, by women, is being officially launched today. Project Venus, the collaborative brewing project of women brewers (or brewsters as they are properly called) is back in action.Project Venus, the collaborative brewing project of women brewers are launching Venus Rouge which was brewed at Oldershaw Brewery in Granthan. The brewsters from across the country collaborated on the recipe via Facebook to devise a deep red beer with an ABV of 4.2%.  Venus Rouge uses a complex blend of malts largely sourced locally to Oldershaws brewery but combined with some exciting German, Weyermann coloured malts.  The malt character will be balanced by three aromatic hop varieties. Project Venus was originally conceived by Grantham brewer, Sara Barton from Brewster’s Brewery.   The aim is simply to show off female brewing at its best. The first beer, Venus Jade, was brewed at Brewsters Brewery in Grantham and subsequently launched at The Rake bar in London at which two firkins were polished off in two hours! For this second incarnation, the brewday will be hosted by Kathy …

Women driving the real ale booooom!

There’s lots of beer and brewery talk in the press as the Good Beer Guide from CAMRA was launched today. And The Metro leads the coverage, stating research has found that: “ale has shed its ‘old man’ image as trendy young men and women drive the boom.” The good news is that there are now 840 breweries in the UK, and ladies are helping to spread the word about proper beer with 32% of women having tried real ale and 38% of 18-24 year old women. But how do we get our female friends who haven’t yet sampled Britain’s national drink to try it?  If you’ve successfully converted your gal-pal, let us know how in the comments below!